White-Cut Chicken 白切雞

Good with Ng Ka Py  五加皮
Chicken as Chicken

White-Cut Chicken

White-Cut Chicken

White-Cut Chicken (白切雞 Bai Qie Ji) is one of the very common ways of cooking just “the basic dish of Chicken as Chicken,” as Buwei Yang Chao says. Its plain, neutral flavor makes it an ideal

accompaniment for Ng Ka Py  五加皮.  You could serve thin slices of the Chicken, especially the white meat to accompany the Chinese spirit.

The term White means simply that the dish is cooked without Soy Sauce, though it is commonly served with Soy Sauce as a side dip.  You may use as little or as much as you like if serving with Ng Ka Py.

In the classic recipe for this dish, you end up with a lot of Chicken, which is typically added to other dishes, if not eaten directly, and disappears fast. You can also use a smaller chicken if you prefer

White-Cut Chicken





1 whole chicken, 7 – 8 pounds
2 quarts Water
4 tablespoons Soy Sauce, for dipping


First, wash and clean the Chicken, which for this dish could ideally be an older hen.  If you wish you could make the dish with a young fryer, in the 2 – 4 pound range.

Put the Chicken in a heavy pot with the  Water.  Bring to the boil and simmer, over very low fire for 2 – 2½ hours until tender.  The cooking time will vary with the age of the individual Chicken and you’ll have to check it from time to time with a fork or skewer to see if the bird is tender enough.

After cooking, refrigerate until serving time.  The usual Chinese way of serving this Chicken is to chop it with a cleaver into small bite-size pieces with the bone.  If serving with Ng Ka Py, you may prefer to filet some strips of breast or dark meat and cut into thin slices or strips to serve with the Ng Ka Py.



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