Steinbeck, East of Eden and Ng Ka Py 五加皮

Steinbeck, Rotten Applies and Ng Ka Py  五加皮
For Cooking or Drinking?

China - Carved Jade Eastern Zhou DynastyAn Epic of Biblical Proportions  John Steinbeck’s masterpiece novel “East of Eden” is an epic full of good and eveil, hatred and love, failure and redemption. It has been regarded as his masterpiece and has been compared to Milton’s “Paradise Lost.”

The screen version  of “East of Eden,” was popular.  The dramatization on stage has been successful with audiences in venues like Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theater.  Steinbeck fans have been organizing East of Eden parties in honor of the epic.

Among the many bon mots quoted from Steinbeck’s masterpiece there is one comparing the Chinese spirit Ng Ka Py to “good rotten apples.”

Some readers have been motivated to locate supplies of Ng Ka Py  五加皮 to go with their East of Eden parties, and questions have come up regarding drinking and cooking with Ng Ka Py.

Questions have been raised about whether it should even be drunk at all, and if so how, and whether there are any affinities with certain foods.

Possible affinities were explored in our main post on Ng Ka Py, as well as separate ones on foods that could go with it, such as Steamed Chinese Sausage with Mustard or White-Cut Chicken.

In separate posts we have given translations of some rare old Chinese recipes where Ng Ka Py actually comes in contact with foods like Chicken, as in Steamed Chicken with Ng Ka Py, or Chicken with Anise and Ng Ka Py. 

So Ng Ka Py is definitely a medicinal spirit you can drink — hopefully in moderation — and can combine with other foods in ways that John Steinbeck may never have dreamed of.


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