Beef and Pork Sate Persian Style / Sate Parsi

Flavor and Color Contrasts
Vegetables Balance Meats

Beef and Pork Sate Parsee Style

Beef and Pork Sate Parsee Style

Beef and Pork Sate Persian Style, or Sate Parsi, is one of the handful or “Parsee” dishes which show the influence of early Iranian traders on the cooking of Indonesia.



This Indonesian Sate recipe provides a number of flavor contrasts and an attractive balance of Vegetables to offset the Meats used.  The color contrasts are also very pleasing.

Beef and Pork Sate Parsee Style
Sate Parsi



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1 pound boneless Beef Steak
1 pound boneless Pork Roast
12 Chinese dried Back Mushrooms
1 large Zucchini Squash
2 bunches Green Onions
12 small White Pearl Onions
2 cloves Garlic
6 – 7 Black Peppercorns
10 ounces Arak or other Spirits
1 tablespoon Gula Djawa or Brown Sugar
1 teaspoon Lime Peel
1 teaspoon Salt or to taste
Oil as needed


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First we need to organize the fairly long Ingredients list.  Begin by soaking the dried Black Mushrooms in warm water at least half an hour. Preferably overnight.

When ready to cook discard the Mushroom water.  Trim the stems and cut the Mushrooms into smaller pieces.  Depending on their size, this would probably be in quarters.  Then set them aside.

Clean the Green Onions.  Chop them very finely.

Cut the Cherry Tomatoes in half. Set aside.

Chop the Lime Peel into finest strips possible.  Set aside.

Cut the Zucchini into large dice.  Set it aside.

Make a marinade by combining the Mixture of Garlic, minced Green Onions, Black Pepper, Arak or other Spirits (Vodka works fine), 3 ounces of Oil, 1 tablespoon Brown Sugar, the finely minced Lime Peel and Salt.

Divide this Mixture into two equal parts. Put one half in one deep bowl. The other half, in another.

Cut the Beef and then the Pork into bite-sized dice, about ¾ inch square.  Put the Beef cubes into one bowl and the Pork cubes into the other.  Put half the Mixture in one bowl and the other half in the other.  Cover he bowls.  Store the bowls overnight refrigerated

When getting ready to cook steam the small Onions in a steamer until they are tender — about 5 or 6 minutes.  Set them aside to cool enough to handle.

Remove the marinated Meat from the bowls and drain well.  Combine the remaining marinating liquid in a small saucepan, bing to a boil and simmer about 10 minutes.  Set aside to coo.

Skewer the Meat and Vegetables on large Sate skewers in this order: Steak, Zucchini, Pork, Mushroom, Steak, Tomato, Pork, Onion finally a piece of Steak.

Grill the skewers over a charcoal fire or in a  hot gas grill until all ingredients are fully cooked.  Turn the skewers regularly.  Baste them with a little of the remaining basting sauce.

When cooked, serve the skewers on a large flat platter.  Serve with whatever is left of the marinating-basting liquid in small bowls. Do not serve this Sate with any of the usual Peanut Sauces used for Sate.


Garuda, Indonesia, 11th century

Indonesia 11th Century

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