Grilled Curried Shrimp / Tôm Cà Ri Nướng

Best Slightly Charred with Jumbo Shrimp



This is a simple traditional Vietnamese dish that works well with jumbo Shrimp or Prawns. The recipe makes four servings.

Grilled Curried Shrimp
Tôm Cà Ri Nướng



Using garlic to make Nasi Minyak, Savory Rice


1½ pounds jumbo Shrimp
4 cloves Garlic
4 small red Clili Peppers
2 teaspoons Sugar
½ teaspoon Salt
½ cup Coriander Leaves
1 teaspoon Curry Powder or Curry Paste
4 tablespoons Vegetable Oil cups cooked White Rice


Vegetable Oil

Vegetable Oil

First clean the Shrimp.  Use sharp scissors to cut down the back of the shrimp shells and remove the vein.  Gently loosen the shell around the /shrimp, but keep the shell intact.  Set the Shrimp aside to drain well.

Chop the Garlic and Red Chili Peppers finely.

Pound them to a fine paste in a mortar or use a food processor.  Add the Sugar and Salt and pound or blend still finger.  Finally, chop the Coriander Leaves and add them, together with the Curry Powder and Oil and combine well.

Gently pull back the shells of the Shrimp and put some of the Mixture where the vein was, adding a little bit more, then replacing the shell carefully.  Do this with all the Mixture and Shrimp and let stand at room temperature at least 2 hours, or covered in the refrigerator put o 4 hours.

When time to cook, heat a grill or broiler and grill or broil the Shrimp until the shells are slightly charred on one side and the Shrimp is cooked half way through.  It will take about 3 minutes, depending on the size of the Shrimp.  Turn them over and grill the other side, until well done.  It will take from 1 to 3 minutes.

Serve right away on the warm White Rice.

The flavor of frozen Shrimp tends to be inferior to the wild caught variety, especially when they are farm-riased.  You can improve the flavor of frozen Shrimp by thawing them in the refrigerator.  Then blanche the Shrimp with a mixture of boiling Water with a small amount of Sugar and of Salt in it.  Drain the Shrimp, and return to the refrigerator, covered with Ice. and store them in the refrigerator for an hour or two before cooking.  This will refresh them in a kind of mild brine and improve both flavor and texture.


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