Ginger Soda

A Refreshing Warm Weather Drink
Memories of Old Saigon

cropped-Saigon-Central.jpegThe weather in Vietnam is usually warm, where this refreshing drink is popular. The basic Ginger Syrup keeps well in the refrigerator and is finished with Soda or Seltzer Water.

Ginger Soda



1 pound fresh Ginger
3 strips Lemon Peel, plus few extra for serving
1½ cup Sugar
2 quarts cold Seltzer or Soda Water, about 2 liters


First peel  the Ginger and chop it coarsely.  Cover with a quart of Water and the strips of Lemon peel and cook 10 minutes over medium high fire.

Loweer the fire to medium, add the Sugar and cook until the Sugar is dissolved.  Raise the fire to high and cook until the Syrup is reduced to 2 cups, about another 15 minutes.

Strain the Syrup through a fine sieve. Discard the remaining Ginger solids and Lemon peel, and refrigerate covered until cold, at least and hour and up to a week.

To serve, fill glasses with Ice and some more strips of Lemon Peel ias a garnish.  Put in a quarter cup of Ginger Gyrup and a cup of cold Seltzer Water in each glass, strir and serve.  This recipe makes 8 glasses.  It’s quite popular in hot weather, so you might consider doubling the recipe.


Saigon 1966 - Central Market

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