Wasabi Chicken / わさび鶏

A Kind of Fiery Chicken
Good for New Year Bento

Fiery Chicken for Bento

Fiery Chicken – a Japanese New Year Dish

Skewered Fiery Chicken in Japanese New Year Bento boxes is usually achieved with the h ell of Black Pepper. But Wasabi will also do, as in this version. Fresh Wasabi Root is always best, but paste and powder forms also work.

Because it can be made in advance, such cold skewered dishes were a convenience for the housewife in former days.  Traditionally the kitchen fire was not lit for the first few days of the year, and cold dishes prepare in advance were eaten.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chicken was regarded as sweet and Salty and Neutral in nature.  It was held to be helpful in strengthening muscles and promoting blood circulation.

Wasabi Chicken / わさび鶏





One pound Chicken Beat. skinless and boneless
1 cup Sake
1 cup Soy Sauce
3 tablespoons Sugar
2 tablespoons freshly grated Wasabi Root


Using wasabi powder in the Japanese kitchen

Wasabi –

First grate the Wasabi Root, using fresh Wasabi if available.  Purists use a special grater made of Shark Skin for this.  If the fresh root is not available, Wasabi comes mixed as a paste in tubes. Or you can mix your own using the powdered form, as in the picture, mixing with a little Water or Sake to produce a smooth paste.

Cut the Chicken Meat into bite-size bits and put on skewers and set aside.

Combine the Sake and Soy Sauce in a small saucepan with the Sugar and half the Wasabi.  Bringto the boil and simmer about 20 minutes until the resulting sauce is well reduced.  Taste for hotness and adjust by adding as much of the remainder of the Wasabi paste as desired and stirring to combine.  Depends on  how hot you want this to be.  You can use all the rest of the Wasabi, or just some of it, or none, to taste.

Brush the skewered Chicken with the Sauce. put under a grill and cook until done, turning frequently and brushing with the sauce.



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