Whiskey Cookies

Japanese Fusion
Nutmeg Meets Lemon Meets Nikka



These little cookies are good with any Whiskey, even Bourbon or Rye.  But they seem to work better with Japanese Whiskey, Canadian or a Scotch blend.

Whiskey Cookies

Japanese Fusion


5 Egg Whites
1 cup Sugar
7 ounces ground Walnuts (or other Nuts or a mixture of several kinds_
1 teaspoon ground Cinnamon
1 teaspoon ground Cloves
1 teaspoon ground Nutmeg
Rind of half a Lemon
1 jigger of Whiskey
3 or 4 teaspoons Butter


First put the Egg Whites and Sugar in a mixing bowl and beat.  Place in a double boiler with all the other ingredients and bring them all slowly to a boil.

Let the mixture cool.

When ready to make the cookies, drop on greased cookie sheets with a teaspoon. Bake   15 or 20 minutes or until brown, in a medium oven, about 350° Fahrenheit.


Japan - Tokyo, Ameya Yokocho 2

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