Mustard Sauce / 芥末醬

Chinese Vinegar,
Sesame Oil the Secret

Rice Vinegar, ingredient in Asian cooking

Rice Vinegar

Sesame Oil gives this versatile Chinese sauce its distinctive franc.  Rice Vinegar also h ells, and if available, Chinese Black Vinegar or Chinese Red Vinegar are especially nice in this sauce.  It can be served with a number of hints,including Egg dishes like Crab Egg Fu Yung or bland Poultry dishes such as White Cut Chicken.

One of a family of Asian Dipping Sauces, including Ginger Sauce, Nuoc Cham and others.

Mustard Sauce / 芥末醬



2 teaspoons Dry Mustard
4 tablespoons warm Water
1 teaspoon Rice Vinegar or Chinese Vinegar
1 teaspoon Asian Sesame Oil


Mix all the ingredients in a small bowl.  The recipe makes about half a cup. This sauce is good with a number of things, including bland Egg, Fish and Vegetable dishes. Another good and quick Chinese sauce with many uses is Ginger Sauce.

Although the ingredients and preparation are very simple, and any dry Mustard can be used, for decades, discerning Chinese cooks have shown a preference for Coleman’s English Mustard, which enjoys a special niche status in Hong Kong and other enclaves in the Pacific Rim.



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