Cancer-Fighting Buckwheat

Soba Noodles with Caviar
The Apotheosis of Buckwheat

This dish is smile to make and transforms the humble Buckwheat Noodle, Soba, to an elegant gourmet treat.  Salmon Roe, Ikura, is the key.  Use the best and freshest caviar available.

Again Buckwheat is a rich source of the cancer-fighting flavenoids queercetin and rutin and it popularity as a food in Japan has been connected with the lower cancer rates there.

Soba with Caviar

Japanese Fusion


8 ounces Buckwheat Nooles, Soba, or Green Tea Soba Noodles
¼ cup finely julienned Carrots
¼ cup finely julienned Daikon
4 Green Onions, finely shredded
5 tablespoons Rice Vinegar
1 teaspoon finely grated fresh Ginger
1 Shallot finely chopped
3 tablespoons Grapeseed Oil or other Vegetable Oil
4 ounces Salmon Roe, Ikura, Flying Fish Roe, Tobiko, or other Caviar (ikura best)
1 pinch White Pepper


First put the Bckwheat Noodles in a large pot of boiling salted Water.  Cook about 10 minutes until they are tender.  They should not be al dente.  Drain the Noodles, cool in ice Water for 5 minutes then drain thoroughly.

Toff the Noodles in a bowl with the Carrots, Daikon and Green Onions.

Mix in the Oil.

Then gently fold in the Caviar.

Serve with a pinch of White Pepper and Salt if desired.  Makes 6 servings.

Besides its cancer-fighting properties, Buckwheat is credited with helping manage cholesterol levels.  Besides Soba Noodles, which are made of Buckwheat Flour, you can enjoy them in Kasha with Shiitake, Kasha being another name for Buckwheat Grits.



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