Can Walnuts Stop Cancer?

Ellagic Acid Helps Combat Cancer
Benefits to Kidneys, Urinary Functions

Walnuts can certainly play a role in a healthy diet that helps prevent and even control the condition.

Walnuts are high in ellagic acid, which helps combat cancer.

Specifically, ellagic acid helps disable free radicals involved in instigating development of cancer, according to Gary D. Stoner, Ph.D., director of the cancer prevention program at Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center in Columbus.

Other research indicates that ellagic acid helps detoxify cancer-causing substances while at the same time helps prevent cancer cells from multiplying.

Japanese nutrition researcher Fumiko Matsumoo found Walnuts high in calories, fats, ftty acids, and polyunsaturated fats, while providing no cholesterol.

Walnuts in Pacific Rim Cuisines: Walnuts originated outside the Pacific Rim, probably in the Middle East.  They were early travelers along the Silk Road, and were already known in  Tang Dynasty China, where they were enjoyed as an exotic delicacy.  The Chinese of that time called walnuts the “peach of the westerners.”

Over the centuries Walnuts continued to migrate along the Silk Road, and were incorporated in Chinese cuisine in both meat and sweet dishes.  In Yunnan Province they  feature in a snack Sweet and Crispy Walnuts.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Walnuts are regarded as helpful in regulating kidney function and useful in managing conditions such as frequent urination.

So both Western scientific research and traditional Asian medicine regard Walnuts as a healthy food, probably more valuable than commonly recognized.

Walnuts feature in a number of Pacific Rim dishes, such as Mandarin Walnuts, Sweet and Crisp Walnuts  and Walnut Chicken.

A dish named by or for foreigners as Mandarin Walnuts used to be served with cocktails rier of the Republic of China.  They are good with or without drinks and easy to make

Mandarin Walnuts



Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed Oil

1½ cups Walnut halves or large pieces
2 cups hot Water
½ cup Sugar
1 cup Oil


First pour the boiling Water over the Walnuts.  Let stand 2 pr 3 minutes.

Drain them well.

Rock Sugar

Transfer the Walnuts to a baking sheet.  Sprinkle with the Sugar.  Mix well.

Spread in a single layer.  Let stand overnight to dry.

Next day heat a wok or deep skillet until hot.  Put in the Oil and heat until very hot but don’t let it smoke.

Put in the Walnuts in small batches and fry until golden brown, 1 or 2 minutes.  Watch carefully.  They can burn quickly.

Dry the nuts on a rack.  If not serving immediately, they keep well in tightly sealed jars or tins in a dark place.

The Oil can be strained and reused several times for this recipe if you are making a large batch.


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