Can This Noodle Stop Cancer? / ソバ麺

Buckwheat Fights Cancer
Helps Regulate Cholesterol

Soba Buckwheat

Soba Buckwheat Noodles

Buckwheat is currently not very popular as a human food in North America.  But it is a favorite in Japan, where it plays an important role in Japanese Cuisine, especially in the form of Soba Noodles, a specialty of Nagano Prefecture. In fact, the Soba flower is the Prefectural Flower of Nagano.

Buckwheat is rich in a number of flavenoids, notably quercetin and rutin.  These have been found helpful in a number of studies in blocking the spread of cancer cells.

Professor Michael Eskin, of the University of Manitoba, thinks the popularity of Buckwhet in Japan may help account for the relatively low cancer rates in that country.

Soba Noodles contain a higher level of protein than other types of noodles.  In fact, Buckwheat contains the highest proportion of protein of any of the major grains. Buckwheat protein helps regulate cholesterol.

In addition, the rutin in buckwheat helps maintain the LDL and HDL levels.

This could explain why he Yi minority people of China, who consume a diet high in buckwheat, have low levels of LDLc cholesterol and high levels of the good high-density lipoprotein HDL  cholesterol.


Kasha or Buckwheat Grits

The easies way to get the benefits of Buckwheat in your diet would be to eat it as Kash or enjoy it in its commonest form in the Pacific Rim, as Soba Noodles.

There are so many varieties, some flavored with Green Tea, and these are fine if you like them.  When buying Soba Noodles, read the label carefully to make sure they are made with 100% Soba rather than a mixture including Wheat, to et the maximum benefit from the Buckwheat.

Some Pacific Rim dishes including Soba include Fish Steamed with Soba Noodles and Kasha with Shiitake.


Bento stand on rilroad platform, Japan, 1960s

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