Iced Coffee Vietnamese Style

A True Fusion Bevereage
Perfect on a Hot Day

“I’m Thai, but my husband is Vietnamese, so he has to have his Vietnamese, or French-style Coffee.”–Overheard at an Asian Supermarket in Chicago

Vietnamese-style Iced Coffee has to be a true Fusion dish, incorporating as it does, both Milk and Coffee, neither of which were native to Indo-China before the arrival of the French.

With slight local variations, you’ll find different versions in the former counties of French Indo-China, as well as in Thailand, which of course never was a colony.

All are sweet, using sweetened  Condensed Milk, plus tons of shaved Ice and seem to make the perfect refreshing drink on a hot day.

While this Site can never be fully comfortably endorsing refined Sugar in any form, it remains a fact that it’s hard to remember seeing a fat person from any of the countries where this kind of Iced Coffee is popular.  What is going on here?

Maybe the amount of Sugar in the Condensed Milk is fairly insignificant compared to common Sugars that are so prevalent in the Standard American Diet, in, for example, French Fries, Hamburger Buns, Hot Dog Buns, Hash Browns, Donuts, Donuts, and the many other kinds of White Bread filler items that are so common items of that Diet.

Cafe du Monde

Cafe du Monde

Recently I enjoyed Iced Coffee Vietnamese Style several times in a Vietnamese restaurant in North America.  It was significant that the restaurant stipulated on the menu that the beverage had been made using Cafe du Monde.  Another brand and item that would not have been familiar to the original people who made this drink, but again a mark of quality to the restaurant and its customers.


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