Chicken Milk Curry

Milk Meets Lemon Juice Meets Almonds
A Delicate Curry with a Southern FlHow to make Indian Chicken Milk Curryavor

If you put Lemon Juice in Milk,  it will curdle and make a mess, right?  Yet, if you follow the directions for this Indian Curry Chicken dish, that does not happen. Like many classic Indian dishes, there are rather many ingredients and a precise order of combining them.

In practice, this dish is not too difficult to put together.   The result is mildly spicy and with  a delicate, subtle Continue reading

Indian Cuisine

India - Sculpture head, Buddha meditating, India 12th century

Buddha Meditating, India 12th c.

Fish Curry From Bananas
Halva From Meat

“It is possible to eat what you believe to be a fish curry only to learn it was made from unripe bananas, or to taste a sweet halva and find it was made not of fruit or vegetables but meat.” — Attia Hosain and Sita Pasricha

An Ancient People and Cuisine: The Indian civilization is one of the oldest and most important in Continue reading

Indian Cooking Technique Korma قورمه i

A Special Kind of Braising
Heritage of Central Asia

“The northern versions of these curries have different names. Korma is the queen among them.” — Shanthi Rangarao

Korma or Braising is a special technique of Indian cooks for preparing meat or vegetables in which they are braised with a small amount of liquid and spices in a tightly sealed container to produce a rich and tasty dish.

The key to korma cooking is, after searing the main ingredient to seal in its liquids, to cook under carefully controlled conditions in such a way that the liquids of the main ingredient are absorbed back into the food being cooked. It is done with a very small amount of liquid and under very low temperatures. Continue reading