Laotian Cuisine

Galangal, Lemongrass and Fish Sauce
Duck and Sticky Rice

Cooking with lemongrass


Land of a Million Elephants: Laos has been called the Land of a Million Elephants. Elephants are still there, but modern Laos may now be the the .Land of a Million Motorbikes.

Laos is the only landlocked country in Southeast Asia and is home to a Continue reading


Unique Polynesian Dish
Special for Luau

Laulau is the Hawaiian word for a special food preparation essential for any proper Luau. Laulau involves a mixtue of Pork and Fish wrapped in leaves and then steamed or baked until tender.

Typical meats include Pork and a typical Fish would be Butterfish or Salmon.  The leaves might be Ti Leaves or Taro Leaves. Continue reading

Indonesian Cuisine

A Nation of Islands
Rijsttafel, Sate, and Sambals

“Indonesia isn’t a country, it’s a happening.” — Christopher Lucas [1]

Garjda, Indonesia 14th cent.

Garuda, Indonesia, 14th cent.

Indonesia stretches from the Asian mainland towards Australia, like a jade necklace across the southern ocean.  The nation contains more than 17,000 islands, and its people represent several hundred ethnic groups, speaking many different languages.

Indonesia is an ancient country and its Continue reading

Singapore Cuisine

City of the Merlion
Peranakan Cuisine

“Singapore is one of the few great cities of the world which still work.” — Philip Atlee [1]

“Modern Singapore food is, in fact, all about fusion.” — Molly O’Neill [2]

Vanda orchid Miss Joaqim, Singapore natgional flower

Vanda Miss Joaquim,
Singapore’s National

Can a city-state have its own cuisine? It would seem so, as Singapore is a multicultural city, a major crossroads of the Pacific, with many influences in its cooking which have developed some unique aspects.

Singapore, with a population of a little over  million, has been an independent country since 1965.

Singapore was settled as a modern city by Stamford Raffles of the East Indian Company in the early 19th century and was later part of the British colony of Malaya.

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Hawaiian Potted Pork Chops

Kamai’ina Picnic Favorite
Wrapped Meat

This is an Old Kamai’ina way of grilling Pork Chops or other Pork for a picnic and reflects the use of wrapping in old Hawaiian cuisine.

Hawaiian Potted Pork Chops


Thick Pork Chops or slices of Pork Butt
Basil Continue reading