Nepalese Cuisine

The Roof the the World
Chandradeva’s Pathway

“The wildest dreams of Kew are the facts of Kathmandu.” — Rudyard Kipling [1]

Vale of Kathmandu, Nepal

Vale of Kathmandu

What is Nepalese cuisine? Actually, the question should be, What Nepal? Or, what cuisine? For a relatively small country, Nepal has an astonishing variety of cuisines that can be called Nepalese.

Often thought of as a lofty, mountainous  land, home of the world’s Continue reading

Korean Cuisine

Healthy, Low-Fat and Delicious
An Ancient Cuisine — And the World’s Leading Spirit

“Korean food is a nearly perfect answer to our modern quest for a healthy, low-fat, delicious diet.” —  Hi Soo Shin Hepinstall [1]

Korea is one of the world’s ancient civilizations, with one of the great cuisines.  And it is home to the world’s top-selling alcoholic drink! Continue reading

Hawaiian Barley Casserole

Kamai’ina Favorite
Church Supper in Moiliili

Cooking Asian dishes with onions


Here’s another of the Old Kamai’ina recipes from Hawaiian cuisine.  The recipe came from a Kamai’ina relative’s friend, who served it at a church supper in Moiliili.

The dish may not seem terribly Polynesian, but is an authentic dish served in the cosmopolitan community of Hawaii.  It is typical of what you might be served at a church supper or similar affair. Continue reading