Iced Coffee Vietnamese Style

A True Fusion Bevereage
Perfect on a Hot Day

“I’m Thai, but my husband is Vietnamese, so he has to have his Vietnamese, or French-style Coffee.”–Overheard at an Asian Supermarket in Chicago

Vietnamese-style Iced Coffee has to be a true Fusion dish, incorporating as it does, both Milk and Coffee, neither of which were native to Indo-China before the arrival of the French. Continue reading


French-Style Coffee
A Legacy of Empire

“My husband is Vietnamese. So he always has to have chicory in his coffee.”

Chickory coffee in Asian cuisines

Chicory Coffee

The woman next to me in the check-out at our Asian market had a bag of Chicory in her cart.  “I’m Thai,” she said. “But my husband is Vietnamese,” she added, with a touch of pride.  “So he always has to have Chicory in his Continue reading