Steamed Broccoli

Ready in Less than 6 Minutes
Another Post-Earthquake Formula


Here’s another from the family of recipes that emerged in Japan after the great earthquake in Fukushima in Northeast Japan in 2011.

Cooks were looking for ways to reduce energy use in the kitchen, both by not making kitchens hot and by using less energy by using science and technology to reduce cooking time..

This recipe makes tender steamed Broccoli in under 6 minutes and doesn’t require heating a huge pot of water.

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White Rice

Flash-Cooking Technique
Post-Fukushima Recipe

Kokuho Rose Rice

Kokuho Rose, a Premier Grade of Japanese Type Rice Produced in California

This is a Japanese method for making plain White Rice. It is one of the formulas that surfaced after the Fukushima Earthquake, when Japanese were strongly interested in reducing energy consumption in the kitchen in general, as well as cutting down on heating up the kitchen, especially in warm weather..

So a flurry of Flash-Cooking recipes began to circulate then, some older, others newly contrived.  This is one of them. It takes about an hour total preparation time, but the actual heating time is only 20 minutes, and much less heat and energy are used than with a conventional rice cooker. Continue reading

Fried Vegetables やさい いため

A Recent Japanese Flash-Cooked Dish
Great for Hot Weather
Cooks in Less than Five Minutes

Cooking Asian dishes with cabbage


This is another of the group of flash-cooked dishes that emerged from Japan in the aftermath of the great Tohoku Earthquake of 2011, when cooks were looking for ways to save energy in the kitchen

This dish is good, and it can be gotten ready quickly.  This is a dish that’s useful in hot weather, as it doesn’t involve heating up the kitchen; good for busy people in general.

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