Bananas at Their Best

Great-Tasting Bananas
Three Times the Shelf Lif

Using bananas in Vietnamese cuisineEveryone seems to love Bananas, from the tropical zones, many in Asia, where they are grown and eaten, and the Temperate zones all over the world, where they are a favored fruit.

In fact, in Japan, Bananas are the No. 1 preferred fruit, according to recent consumer research.

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Korean Cuisine

Healthy, Low-Fat and Delicious
An Ancient Cuisine — And the World’s Leading Spirit

“Korean food is a nearly perfect answer to our modern quest for a healthy, low-fat, delicious diet.” —  Hi Soo Shin Hepinstall [1]

Korea is one of the world’s ancient civilizations, with one of the great cuisines.  And it is home to the world’s top-selling alcoholic drink! Continue reading