Chopsticks and Weight Loss I

Preventing Diabetes and Alzheimer’s
The Ogasawara Method, or, What Suri Cruise Knows

“Eat Japanese — with chopsticks.  I lost 10 kilograms and two dress sizes.” — Kimiko Barber

Chopstick Rests

Chopstick Rests,
a Weight Management Tool

Can this tiny bit of ceramic tableware help you lose weight? It might, if you use it in a special way, according to some Japanese experts.And not just lose weight — some simple lifestyle modifications could help ward off diabetes, dementia and Alzheimer’s, according to some Japanese researchers.

Can using chopsticks help you lose weight? Kimiko Barber thinks so. The London-based food writer reported her success in using chopsticks to lose weight. Continue reading

Chopsticks and Weight Loss II

Super Slow-Motion Eating
Histamines, Hypothalamus, HbA1C and Beta Amyloids

“Diabetics are at much higher risk for Alzheimer’s disease.” — David Perlmutter, M.D. [1]

Using chopsticks to lose weight

Chopsticks – a Tool for Weight Management

We’ve reported on the recent focus in Japan on super slow-motion eating with chopsticks and chopstick rests and other approaches to prevent diabetes and Alzheimer’s.  This stems from research in that focuses on risk factors and preventive measures.

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