Kalua Pig

This is Luau Food
Making Kalua Pork without an Imu

In a traditional Hawaiian Luau in the Islands, Kalua Pig is an essential.

In the real deal, a whole pig will be baked for hours in an underground earthen oven called an Imu.

The pit will be lined with volcanic rocks and hot embers and often water is added at some point to create steam. Continue reading

Hawaiian Cuisine

Multi-Layered Cuisine
Luau’s, Poi, Poke, Tikis and Spam

“Mangoes of golden flesh, with turpentine

Coconut Palms

“Peel and odor. Plums of inky stain
“And the pucker of persimmons….” — Genevieve Taggard, “The Luau” [1]

“Shrimps, sea-urchins, lobsters, crabs and various kinds of shell-fish, as well as sea weed….” — Henry M. Whitney, Hawaiian Guide Book, 1875 [2]

The Paradise of the Pacific is truly Continue reading