Spaghetti in a Minute

Al Dente in 60 Seconds
A Nouvelle Japanese Technique

Wow! I could hardly believe my taste buds! From nothing to al dente in just 60 seconds.  This is totally awesome!” — Jennifer Chase

Spaghetti in a Minute

Al Dente after 1 Minute

This special way of making spaghetti in just a minute of boiling is one of a class of new recipes some Japanese cooks have developed after the 2011 earthquake disaster in Fukushima Prefecture

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Ng Ka Py 五加皮

Steinbeck’s Tipple
Fu Manchu’s Magenta Martini

What kind of word consists of “Ng”? This is the Cantonese rendering of Northern Chinese “wu” the word for the numeral ‘5’. The Mandarin name of this drink is Wu Jya Pi, 五加皮  literally “Bark of Five Additions.” [1]

So  Ng Ka Py is the Cantonese name for a Chinese spirit or liqueur that might be an infusion of five kinds of fruit peel.  A sort of alcoholic Five-Spice Powder, perhaps? [2]

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Chinese Celery


The Stuff of Heroes’ Wreaths
Fragrant Swizzle Sticks

“A leafier, skinnier-stalked version of the familiar green head” — Mark Bittman


Chinese  Celery

Chinese Celery Plant

When you cook with Chinese Celery, you’re using he plant that ancient Greeks and Romans used to weave their heroes’ garlands. [1]

The Vegetable Itself: As the picture shows, Chinese Celery looks similar to Western Celery, but is smaller, with bright green leaves.  As Mark Bittman says, it is a “leafier, slimmer-stalked version of the familiar green.” Continue reading