Simmered Kabocha 煮付けかぼちゃ

The Cambodian Squash
Pumpkin’s Japanese Cousin



Kabocha is not the easiest vegetable to cut open the first time, but once cut, it cooks quickly and makes an excellent side dish in a Japanese meal.  Chicken or pork are sometimes added to make a main dish.

Simmered Kabocha


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Japanese Cuisine 日本 料理

A Poetical Pursuit of Food [1]
Harmony for the Palate and the Eye

–“All Japanese food needs its setting.” — Sir John Pilcher, H.M. Ambassador to Japan [2]

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see 20 percent of Americans eating sushi as part of their regular diet in 10 or 15 years.” — Boye De Mente, 1987 [3]

Tosa Sake for New Year

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