Lotus Root Pickles レンコンのピクルス

Crunchy Vegetables Nourish the Blood,
Clear Respiratory Tract

“This lotus pickle keeps well in the refrigerator until the family devours it.” — Joan Itoh Burk


Making Japanese-style lotus root pickles

Lotus Root Pickles,
Commercial Variety

Lotus Root pickles are popular in a number of Asian cuisines.  They’re on sale in Asian markets, and of course you can buy it ready-made.  It’s easy to make and delicious.  Here’s a simple version adapted from Joan Itoh Burk that most people seem to like.

Lotus Root Pickles are a classic of Japanese cuisine.

This version seems to contain less Sugar and also less Salt than commercially available versions.  It goes well as a side dish with Rice, or as an appetizer, and of course goes with drinks. Continue reading

Lotus Root

A Crunchy Vegetable
Nourishes the Blood and Clears the Lungs

How to use Lotus Root in cooking Asian dishes

Lotus Root

Symbol of Purity: The lotus flower has an exalted status in many of the Buddhist societies of Asia, because of its symbolism of purity.  The lotus has also given its name to one of the most important scriptures of Buddhism.

So it is not surprising Continue reading