All-Purpose Hot Sauce

A Flavor Intensifier
Alternative to Hot Pepper Oil

Some cooks in Japan are beginning to experiment with using Japanese Pepper or Sansho as a seasoning for people who want to replace sodium, and also as a possible alternative to Hot Pepper Oil or Rayu, and as a flavor intensifier.

When Sansho is added to food, the food tastes salty, even if no salt is used.  Sansho brings out the natural saltiness of the food itself. It intensifies the aroma as well as flavors of foods and can be helpful for people who need to reduce sodium intake.

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Japanese Pepper/Sanshio II

Advanced Know-How
A Shocking Spice

Applying the Research in Your Kitchen: Professor Yumi Miyashita of Tokiyo’s Meiji University Research Institute tested the effects of small amounts of Sansho in various Japanese and Western foods.

Sansho Powder

Sansho Powder

In blindfold tests subjects reported flavor levels that were subjectively “like a hundred times more flavorful” than the usual. Miyashita and her associates confirmed these results with a wide range of foods, including: