Legacy of the American Military
More Novel than Anything Else

“Some of these throwback dishes were best left in the past.” —Kate Bernot


Cooking with Spam


Spam is not perhaps an immediate association with materials used by Pacific Rim cooks. But it does have a minor niche. Wherever the American military went in the Second World War, Spam went with them. Continue reading

Rice Dispensers

An Answer to the Storage Problem
From Zojirushi to Tupperware

Rice dispenser kitchen appliance for rice storage

Rice Dispenser

Buying Rice in bulk saves time and money. But how do you store it at home? And it can be a hassle to wrestle open the big rice sack just to get a cup of rice. And there’s mold, mice, dust, and the list goes on.

Rice Dispensers are a form of kitchen equipment that’s getting more popular.  They are used to store rice after you have bought it and brought it home. Continue reading