Bananas at Their Best

Great-Tasting Bananas
Three Times the Shelf Lif

Using bananas in Vietnamese cuisineEveryone seems to love Bananas, from the tropical zones, many in Asia, where they are grown and eaten, and the Temperate zones all over the world, where they are a favored fruit.

In fact, in Japan, Bananas are the No. 1 preferred fruit, according to recent consumer research.

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Japanese Scrambled Eggs

These Eggs Stay Fluffy
Don’t Get Soggy or Mushy, Hours Later

making Fluffy Scrambled Eggs Bento Style

Fluffy Scrambled Eggs Bento Style

Recent Discoveries from Japan: Recent research in Japan by chefs, food chemists and home economists has focused on improving the cooking techniques for foods like Eggs, Chicken, Burgers, and Vegetables than go into box lunches, or Bento, which are typically eaten hours after being made, and often stored and transported at temperatures that are far from ideal.

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Chopsticks and Weight Loss I

Preventing Diabetes and Alzheimer’s
The Ogasawara Method, or, What Suri Cruise Knows

“Eat Japanese — with chopsticks.  I lost 10 kilograms and two dress sizes.” — Kimiko Barber

Chopstick Rests

Chopstick Rests,
a Weight Management Tool

Can this tiny bit of ceramic tableware help you lose weight? It might, if you use it in a special way, according to some Japanese experts.And not just lose weight — some simple lifestyle modifications could help ward off diabetes, dementia and Alzheimer’s, according to some Japanese researchers.

Can using chopsticks help you lose weight? Kimiko Barber thinks so. The London-based food writer reported her success in using chopsticks to lose weight. Continue reading

Japanese Cuisine 日本 料理

A Poetical Pursuit of Food [1]
Harmony for the Palate and the Eye

–“All Japanese food needs its setting.” — Sir John Pilcher, H.M. Ambassador to Japan [2]

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see 20 percent of Americans eating sushi as part of their regular diet in 10 or 15 years.” — Boye De Mente, 1987 [3]

Tosa Sake for New Year

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Bento I — Bento Boxes

Makunouchi to Third Meal
Eki Ben to Artist Palettes

“Tradition-hallowed, honest-to-cherry blossom, real bento provide delightful picnics.” — Nina Froud [1]

Lacuer Bento Box

Lacquer Bento Box

Bento is a characteristic Japanese way of packing up a quick meal to eat on the go.

Technically a Bento box is a container, usually metallic, but often made of lacquer, wood,or Continue reading

Chopsticks and Weight Loss

Using chopsticks to lose weight

Chopsticks – a Tool for Weight Management

Can Chopsticks Help You Lose Weight?

Kimiko Barber thinks so. The Japanese-born British food writer came to this conclusion a few years ago while writing two Continue reading

Chopsticks and Weight Control Could using chopsticks help control weight or even help lose weight?

Could Using Chopsticks Help You Lose Weight?
The Chopstick Diet – Kimiko Barber’s Discovery

Using chopsticks to lose weight

Chopsticks – a Tool for Weight Management


“I lost two whole dress sizes!” — Kimiko Barber

The concept may have originated with British food writer Kimiko Barber, herself Japanese-born.

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