Takashi Yagihashi – Noodle Expert

Fusion Temple to Noodle Boutique
Master of the Slurping Turtle

“Despite being in a mall food court, the ramen here will satisfy your craving.” — Chicago diner

Japanese Shio Ramen - Tonkotsu TypeAs a child in Japan, Takashi Yagibashi could not afford to eat meat.  But “fish was very cheap,” he says. [1]

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Richie Nakano


The Best Ramen in San Francisco

“Tanpopo is awesome.  I like that movie a lot.” — Richie Nakano

Using miso to prepare Asian dishes


Richie Nakano serves the best ramen in San Francisco.  At least that’s the reputation he has earned with his small Hapa Ramen stall on the city’s Embarcadero.

For five years he has been serving the Japanese-style noodles to huge numbers of hungry San Franciscans and his reputation has grown. [1]

Ritchie is also known for his unusual fondness for spoons. [2] Continue reading

Stuart Brioza


Possibly America’s Top Chef
Cart Table Service

“In high school I had a job in a restaurant.  I used to skip classes to work there.” — Stuart Brioza

Using shichimi togarashi in cooking fusion cuisine

Shichimi Togarashi, used by Bruioza in
Prize-Winning Pork Recipe

Top Chef: Stuart Brioza is America’ best chef.  At any rate, the editors of Bon Appetit magazine think so.

Bon Appetit Award: They recently picked Brioza for their top chef award.  Husband and wife team Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski run State Bird Provisions on Fillmore Street in San Francisco, near Japan Town.[1, 2] Continue reading