Arroz a la Filipina

Philippine Style Rice
Two Kinds of Rice and Annato

Using garlic to make Vietnamese soup with pork cabbage rolls

Garlic – a Key Ingredient

Arroz a la Filipina or Phlippine Style Rice, is a popular Filipino dish that combines both Glutinous or Sticky Rice and regular Rice in a single dish.  In the old days Continue reading

Bamboo Rice

A Japanese Dish
A Secret Ingredient

Bamboo Shoot Trip

Bamboo Shoots

Bamboo Rice is one of a class of Japanese dishes which combine Rice with one or more other ingredients.

This recipe is good whenever fresh Bamboo is available. Canned or shrink-packed Bamboo in brine also work well with this. The use of Sake or Mirin when cooking Rice enhances its flavor and aroma and may be called a secret ingredient. Continue reading

Ginger Pilaff

A New Way to Use Your Rice Cooker
Ginger Meets Butter Meets Mochi

Ginger PilafA contemporary Japanese way of preparing Chicken with Ginger that also uses Butter together with Mochi — so definitely Fusion — and uses your electric rice cooker in an innovative way.

The Mochi and Butter seem to neutralize each other.  And there’s Sake, too, for its delicate perfume.Ginger Pilaf Continue reading

Soup with Cabbage Pork Rolls

A Common Vegetable Transformed
Nuoc Mam Meets Black Pepper

Cooking Asian dishes with cabbage


In this classic Vietnamese recipe, we see again the Vietnamese attachment to Nuoc Mam Fish Sauce, to Black Pepper, and Beef. Recipe adapted from Bach Ngo — serves about 6.

Soup with Cabbage Pork Rolls

Canh Thit Goi Su


Continue reading

White Rice

Flash-Cooking Technique
Post-Fukushima Recipe

Kokuho Rose Rice

Kokuho Rose, a Premier Grade of Japanese Type Rice Produced in California

This is a Japanese method for making plain White Rice. It is one of the formulas that surfaced after the Fukushima Earthquake, when Japanese were strongly interested in reducing energy consumption in the kitchen in general, as well as cutting down on heating up the kitchen, especially in warm weather..

So a flurry of Flash-Cooking recipes began to circulate then, some older, others newly contrived.  This is one of them. It takes about an hour total preparation time, but the actual heating time is only 20 minutes, and much less heat and energy are used than with a conventional rice cooker. Continue reading

Hawaiian Fried Rice

Fried Rice for Luaus
A Different Take on the Eggs

Using Bacon in the Japanese kitchen

Bacon, Essential for Hawaiian Fried Rice

The way they typically make Fried Rice in Hawaii to serve at Luaus has a different take on the Eggs – more of them than Continue reading

Tomatoes Stuffed with Basmati Rice

A Pure Vegetarian Dish
Tomatoes Meet Tomato Purée Meets Saffron

How to cook delicious and healthy Asian dishes using tomatoes


This vegetarian recipe from Amritsar, India, uses Basmati Rice. If other varieties of Rice are used instead, the cooking time can be shortened, but the result will be different. Of course Basmati Rice is superior!



Tomatoes Stuffed with Basmati Rice



2 cups Basmati Rice (16 ounces) Continue reading

Nasi Goreng

Indonesian Fried Rice
The Most Popular Indonesian Dish

How to cook delicious and healthy Asian dishes using tomatoes


Nasi Goreng means “Fried Rice” in Bahasa Indonesia, the Indonesian nationallanaugage. It is probably the most popular dish in Indonesian cuisine.

There are many good recipes for Nasi Goreng. Here is a good, reliable one, and simple to make. It takes about 2-0 minutes to organize and about 15 minutes for the actual cooking. This recipe serve 4 people. Continue reading