Roast Beef, Japanese Style

Perfect Roast Beef in Three Minutes
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How to roast beef in 3 minutes, Japanese style

Roast Beef

After the  great earthquake and tsunami in the Fukushima region in 2011, there was a great focus in Japan on reducing energy consumption.

Japanese cooks were looking for ways to reduce energy use in the kitchen. And also to keep kitchens cooler by Continue reading

Malaysian Cuisine

Durian Cake and Zuberbuhler’s Special
Raffles, Maugham and Lord Jim Country

“At the end of the tenth century Canton carried on direct trade with the Malay Peninsula.” —Friedrich Hirt and W. W. Rockhill [1]

Tang Dynasty horse from the Silk Road

Tang Dynasty Camel
From the Silk Road, 8th Century

For centuries the Malay Peninsula has been an important corridor in the southern sea route of the Spice Route.

The Strait of Malacca was an important Continue reading