Shrimp on Crab Legs

Sea Ghost Fingers
A Special Appetizer

Cooking with Vietnamese Nuoc Mam Fish Sauce

Three Crabs Brand Fish Sauce

This classic Vietnamese appetizer makes a starter for 10 people. Recipe adapted from Bach Ngo.

Shrimp on Crab Legs

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Red-Cooked Pork Shoulder 红烧肉

A Classical Chinese Technique
Soy Sauce and Shaoxing Wine the Key

“Red-cooking is the typical family cooking.” — Buwei Yang Chao

How to do classic Chinese red-cooking hong shao techniqueRed-C

Red-Cooked Pork Shoulder

Red-Cooking is slow cooking with Soy Sauce. Here’s an exam;ple of the basic Chinese cooking technique called Hong Shao  红烧  or Red Cooking.

It’s called Red-Cooking because of the Soy Sauce, which imparts a rich flavor and a reddish-brown color.

Red-Cooking is used for a number of Meats, Fish and Vegetables, including Pork Shoulder, which is a good choice for this method. Continue reading

Tea Eggs 茶葉蛋

Hard Boiled But Soft Inside
Mottled Like Ancient Porcelain

“Tea eggs are one of those ways of hard-boiling eggs so long that they are soft inside.” — Buwei Yang Chao [1]

Making Chinese dim sum snack, Tea Eggs, Cha Ye Dan

Tea Eggs

Tea Eggs, as Dr. Chao says, are a Chinese way of hard boiling eggs for a long time so that eventually they become soft again. Not soft-runny, but soft and dry-tender, as far as the yolks, and soft and firm but not leathery for the whites.

The Eggs are boiled with tea leaves and the shells are crackled but not removed.  As a result, when you shell them, the Eggs are a mottled color like ancient porcelain.

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