Japanese Cuisine 日本 料理

A Poetical Pursuit of Food [1]
Harmony for the Palate and the Eye

–“All Japanese food needs its setting.” — Sir John Pilcher, H.M. Ambassador to Japan [2]

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see 20 percent of Americans eating sushi as part of their regular diet in 10 or 15 years.” — Boye De Mente, 1987 [3]

Tosa Sake for New Year

Japanese food is one of the great cuisines of the Pacific Rim — and the world. Its popularity is leaping over national boundaries. Japanese cuisine is about Continue reading


Legacy of the American Military
More Novel than Anything Else

“Some of these throwback dishes were best left in the past.” —Kate Bernot


Cooking with Spam


Spam is not perhaps an immediate association with materials used by Pacific Rim cooks. But it does have a minor niche. Wherever the American military went in the Second World War, Spam went with them. Continue reading

Kimiko Barber


Kimiko Barber
Using Chopsticks to Lose Weight

Using chopsticks to lose weight

Chopsticks – a Tool for Weight Management

“I lost over 10 kilograms and dropped two dress sizes.” –Kimiko Barber

Kimiko Barber had no plans to be a cook or food writer.  When she left her native Japan in the 1970s for the United Kingdom she was going to study serious subjects.

After a stint in a British boarding school, she did study economics and took a first-class degree.  Then she moved into investment banking. Continue reading

Chopsticks and Weight Loss

Using chopsticks to lose weight

Chopsticks – a Tool for Weight Management

Can Chopsticks Help You Lose Weight?

Kimiko Barber thinks so. The Japanese-born British food writer came to this conclusion a few years ago while writing two Continue reading