Beef and Pork Sate Persian Style / Sate Parsi

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Beef and Pork Sate Parsee Style

Beef and Pork Sate Parsee Style

Beef and Pork Sate Persian Style, or Sate Parsi, is one of the handful or “Parsee” dishes which show the influence of early Iranian traders on the cooking of Indonesia. Continue reading

Grenadine Syrup

The Quintessence of Pomegranate
Use for Persephone Cocktails

cooking with pomegranates


Of course Grenadine Syrup — a key ingredient in several classic cocktails including the Persephone — is available commercially in bottles.  But many purists will want make  their own, for its distinctive and unique flavor, which is the embodiment of the Pomegranate.

Grenadine Syrup


5 or 6 fresh Pomegranates
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Susanna Foo, Master Chef

From Mongolia to Main Line
The Librarian Who Is Also a Master Chef

It’s the minced pork fat that provides the traditional taste.” — Susanna Foo


In the Shadow of the Great Wall: Susanna Food was born 1944 in Inner Mongolia and spent her early years in Shanxi Province of Northern China, near the great Wall.  Her father was a general in the Nationalist Chinese army

Move to Taiwan: After the victory of the Chinese Communist forces in , the family escaped to Taiwan where Continue reading