Steinbeck, East of Eden and Ng Ka Py 五加皮

Steinbeck, Rotten Applies and Ng Ka Py  五加皮
For Cooking or Drinking?

China - Carved Jade Eastern Zhou DynastyAn Epic of Biblical Proportions  John Steinbeck’s masterpiece novel “East of Eden” is an epic full of good and eveil, hatred and love, failure and redemption. It has been regarded as Continue reading

White-Cut Chicken 白切雞

Good with Ng Ka Py  五加皮
Chicken as Chicken

White-Cut Chicken

White-Cut Chicken

White-Cut Chicken (白切雞 Bai Qie Ji) is one of the very common ways of cooking just “the basic dish of Chicken as Chicken,” as Buwei Yang Chao says. Its plain, neutral flavor makes it an ideal

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