Japanese Scrambled Eggs

These Eggs Stay Fluffy
Don’t Get Soggy or Mushy, Hours Later

making Fluffy Scrambled Eggs Bento Style

Fluffy Scrambled Eggs Bento Style

Recent Discoveries from Japan: Recent research in Japan by chefs, food chemists and home economists has focused on improving the cooking techniques for foods like Eggs, Chicken, Burgers, and Vegetables than go into box lunches, or Bento, which are typically eaten hours after being made, and often stored and transported at temperatures that are far from ideal.

Japanese consumers often complain about the quality of box lunches available  to them.  There’s nothing worse than a leathery burger, soggy vegetables, or greasy fried eggs in a lunch box. Continue reading

Bento III

Putting It All Together
Building Better Bento Lunches

Bemto Lunch with Burgers and Rice

Bento Lunch with Burgers and Rice

Problems with Bento: Research has shown that some of the more popular items in Japanese Bento lunches are not so delicious by lunch time. Hamburgers get touch, vegetables get soggy, and eggs go limp and greasy.

There are two problems, here both connected with time Continue reading