Can Walnuts Stop Cancer?

Ellagic Acid Helps Combat Cancer
Benefits to Kidneys, Urinary Functions

Walnuts can certainly play a role in a healthy diet that helps prevent and even control the condition.

Walnuts are high in Continue reading

Tony Hu, Sichuan Chef

Bill Clinton Ate Here
Street Food from Ghost Street

Lao Sze Chuan

Lao Sze Chuan, Broadway

Three Tony Hu’s: You can see a photo of a happy Bill Clinton in front of Tony Hu’s Lao Beijing restaurant, in Chicago’s Chinatown.  Perhaps from the former President’s pre-vegan days.

Of course, you can get veggie dishes at Hu’s various Lao restaurants. Like the excellent Ma Po Do Fu at his Lao Szechuan flagship location.  But even that tofu dish has some meat in it. Continue reading

Bear’s Paws 熊掌


A Great Chinese Delicacy
Mencius’ Favorite

“If I cannot have both Bear’s Paws and Fish, then I would prefer Bear’s Paws.” –Mencius

Imperial Chinese Jade Censer Collected  by Berthold Laufer

Imperial Chinese Jade Censer
Collected by Berthold Laufer

Bear’s paws  熊掌 have always been considered a rare delicacy in China. This is still true today.

Even in ancient times, when there were more bears roaming the wilds in China, bear’s paws were a food for the elite, not the common diner.

The Chinese philosopher Mencius said, “If I cannot have bear’s paws and fish, then I would prefer bear’s paws,” and from this we know that fish Continue reading