Indonesian Corn Fritters

Another Addictive Snack with Drinks
Bregedel Djagung

Canned corn


Like Indonesian Peanut Fritters, these are quick and easy to make and will soon become addictive, especially with drinks.  The name in Bahasa Indonesia means literally Corn Croquettes. At the E & O on Sutter Street in San Francisco, where the dish is a specialty of one of the chefs, the dish is called Indonesian Corn Fritters.

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Grenadine Syrup

The Quintessence of Pomegranate
Use for Persephone Cocktails

cooking with pomegranates


Of course Grenadine Syrup — a key ingredient in several classic cocktails including the Persephone — is available commercially in bottles.  But many purists will want make  their own, for its distinctive and unique flavor, which is the embodiment of the Pomegranate.

Grenadine Syrup


5 or 6 fresh Pomegranates
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Maile Strawberry Dessert

New Year’s in Honolulu, 1972

Here’s a Hawaiian Fusion dessert from the 1970s.   About the only local element may be the Strawberries: According to Whitney’s Guide, Strawberries were well established in Hawaii by the 1870s.  Of course virtually all plants and animals we think of as Hawaiian actually originated elsewhere and migrated to the Islands. Continue reading