Japanese Curry Soup / カレースープ

A Breakfast Dish
A Politician’s Slimming Secret\


Curry Roux – Japanese Curry Roux

Curry Soup may seem to be an unusual dish for breakfast.  And Curry itself is not particularly associated with Japanese cuisine, unless we count Curry Rice, a kind of Home Cooking or Katei Ryori.

The dish called Curry Rice became popular in Japan in the late 19th century, along with the popularity of a number of dishes of foreign origin  that have become naturalized into Japanese food and life.

And the S & B Foods Company manufactures a high-quality blend of Curry Powder, which would work well in making this soup.

It’s a little unclear how a prominent Japanese political figure got into this act: Mr. Yoshihide Suga has been a major player in Japanese national politics for some years, and most recently has served as Chief Cabinet Secretary in the second Abe government.

A few years ago Mr. Suga felt he was putting on too much weight due to diet and sedentary lifestyle.  He adopted a new regime, which he credits for weight loss and an increased sense of well-being.  Suga revealed his diet secrets in a symposium of such confessions by leading Japanese figures published in the premier Japanese literary magazine.

Mr. Suga is not too specific about his total weight loss and how long it took. Also he does not explain in detail the origin of the Curry Soup he takes for breakfast.  Perhaps he received it, or he may have created it himself.

At any rate, he swears by its benefits. He does combine the breakfast soup with a regime of increased exercise in the form of walking, as helping him maintain a slendeer weight and healthy life style. Here’s his recipe.

Breakfast Curry Soup





100 grams Chicken Meat
One-third Carrot
Half a package of Shimeji Mushrooms
12 Cherry Tomatoes
2 – 3 Cabbage Leaves
5 Japanese-style cups of Water
1 tablespoon of Curry Powder or Curry Roux, or more if desired — one or two kinds according ot preference
Small amount of Grated Parmesan Cheese, for topping
Other Vegetables as desired: Zucchini, Eggplant, Okra, Komatsuna, Corn (Maize), Soy Beans or Eda Mame, etc.)


Tomatoes, ingredient in Arroz a la Filipina


Slice the Chicken Meat thinly and place in the boiling Water; simmer a few minutes and then skim cleanly.

Add the Vegetables and cook about 5 minutes.

When the Vegetables are tender, add the Curry Powder or Roux, which should be dissolved in a little Water first to make a thin paste, which will make it blend well into the soup.

Just before serving, top with the grated Parmesan Cheese.

Mr. Suga sometimes takes a small scoop of Rice or a small slice of dry Toast with the the Soup.

This breakfast is high in protein and Vegetables and low in fat and starches.  It makes a hearty Vegetable-rich breakfast and is very satisfying so he doesn’t get hungry and can get by with a very light lunch.


Mask for Japanese Noh theater

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