Chili Peanuts with Anchovies / Kacang Dengan Ikan Bilis

An Indonesian Appetizer
Another Way to Use Anchovies

Vegetable Oil


In Indonesia this is usually made with a kind of small Silverfish called Ikan Bilis; Anchovies also will work. Another popular Indonesian appetizer like Corn Fritters.

Chili Peanuts with Anchovies
Kacang Dengan Ikan Bilis



Using crystallized rock sugar in the Asian kitchen.


2 tablespoons Peanut Oil or other Oil
½ cup dried Anchovies or Silveerfish (Ikan Bilis), heads removed
4 dried Red Chilies
1 Shallot
½ teaspoon Salt
1 tablespoon Sugar
¾ cup unsalted roasted Peanuts, shelled but with skins on


First soak the Red Chilies in water for about 10 minutes. After soaking them, cut off the stems, throw away the seeds and chop the rest coarsely.

Heat a tablespoon of Oil in a small pan over medium fire.  Put in the tiny Fish and fry until crisp but not brown, about a minute or two.  Transfer to a small bowl.

Slice the Shallot finely and combine with the drained Chilies in a mortar and pound together to make a smooth paste.

Take a wok or medium sauté pan and heat over medium fire until the pan is hot.  Put in the rest of the Oil .  When the Oil is hot, put in the Chili mixture, Salt and Sugar and sauté for about a minute.

Increase the fire to medium high, put in the Peanuts and Anchovies and fry for 3 minutes more, stirring.  Dish up in a bowl and serve.  Many people think these go well with Beeer.


Indonesia - Gamelan Gongs

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