Thai Omelet/ ไข่เจียว

A Tast Thai Classic
On Menus Everywhere

Thai Omelet

Thai Omelet

This tasty Thai classic Omelet is a classic in home cooking and appears on menus throughout Thailand.  A standard in Thai cuisine. Here’s a classic simple version:

Thai Omelet ไข่เจียว



Tiparos Fish Sauce

Tiparos Fish Sauce,
Nam Pla

3 Eggs
1 teaspoon fresh Lime Juice
1 teaspoon Fish Sauce
Pinch of Sugar
1 teaspoon chopped Garlic Chives
Oil of fringe


Cooking with limes


First pour an inch of Oil in a wok.  Heat to about 350° F. While the Oil is heating, beat the Eggs in a bowl with the Lime Juice, Fish Sauce, Sugar and Chives until smooth.

When the Oil is hot, drizzle the Eggs in the to oil and let them fry until the bottom of the omelet is set and crisp,.  About 3 minus.  Then flip the omelet an continue cooking until golden brown, another minute or two.

Remove the omelet and drain off any excess oil.  Cut into slices.  This is good with Jasmine Rice.  This dish makes 4 servings in the context of a Thai meal,or  two servings if served for breakfast.

Nutritionally, this omelet uses very little fat to make.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Eggs are Neutral and Sweet in nature.  They are held to be helpful in reinvigorating vital energy and relieving fatigue.  Eggs are considered to be especially good for women after giving birth.


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