Baked Bananas, Hawaiian Style

A Simple Dessert for a Picnic
Ideal for Hibachi

Bananas 2


This is a simple dessert for an outdoor cooked meal.

Baked Bananas



1 cooking Banana per person



Wrap the Bananas in foil together and lay on a hibachi grill over hot coals.  Turn frequently, so they don’t burn and cook until their are soft. Than split the skin, add Butter and serve.

An old Island favorite. This might appear at a picnic along with such dishes as Anticuchos, Hawaiian Picnic Vegetables and maybe something like Potted Pork Chops.

Bananas are an important ingredient for Pacific Rim chefs. In recent years, Japanese cooks have discovered ways of quickly releasing the fruit’s flavor and increasing shelf life — really Bananas at Their Best.

And Japanese cooks have developed new dishes, like Banana Pudding.

In other countries, like Vietnam, Fried Bananas have long been a favorite dessert.

Classical Indian Cuisine had special uses for Bananas.

And in Indonesia, another version of Fried Bananas has long been popular.

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