Bean Sprout Relish

Good for Burgers
Memmi is the Secret

Japanese Kakiemon Ewer, Edo periodBean Sprouts are an important vegetable in Japanese as well as a number of other Pacific Rim cuisines.

Here’s a recipe for a crunchy Bean Sprout Relish using Memmi that works well with Burgers.  Next time you grill burgers outdoors on charcoal, you might like to gry it. The recipe was suggested by Japanese cooking maven Joan Itoh Burk, now a resident of Ontario, Canada.

Working with bean sprouts in the Asian kitchen

Bean Sprouts

The Burgers don’t need to be Meat either. Ms. Burk says, :”The burgers don’t have to be meat. Fish on the grill really take to the spicy Soy Bean Wasabi dressing.” Or it could be served with the  recent

Bemto Lunch with Burgers and Rice

Bento Lunch with Burgers and Rice

Japanese recipe for Juicy Burgers for Bento.

Crunchy Bean Sprout Relish



½ pound Soy Bean Sprouts
3 tablespoons Memmi Sauce
1 tablespoon Wasabi Sauce


Using wasabi powder in the Japanese kitchen

Wasabi – Essential to this Sauce

Note: The Wasabi sauce could be one you make from scratch from the canned Wasabi powder, or by grating fresh Wasabi root, if available.  Or it could be the version packed in tubes, for example, by the S & B Company.

First, blanche the Bean Sprouts with boiling water, drain in a colander and set aside to dry completely.

When ready to make the Burgers, combine and mix well the Wasabi and Memmi in a small jar and keep it ready to finish the barbecue.

After grilling the Burgers, throw the Bean Sprouts on the grill — this works better if you put, for example, a sheet of foil on the grill, so they don’t all drop through.  Grill the Bean Sprouts for a minute or two on both sides.  Finish with a few drops of the Wasabi-Memmi sauce and use the grilled Sprouts to top the Burgers.

This is crunchy and spicy.  Excellent!


Bento stand on rilroad platform, Japan, 1960s


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