Bean Sprouts in Vinegar / Moashi su

A Refreshing Side Dish
Traditional Japanese Recipe

Using bean sprouts in the Asian ktichen

Bean sprouts

Moyashi Su or Bean Sprouts in Vinegar, is a quick appetizer or side dish that uses a traditional Japanese treatment for blanching and quick picling raw vegetables/

It is believed to have very important healthful properties, especially when made with pure Japanese rice vinegar.

Bean Spruts in Vinegar / Moyashi Su



3/4 cup Water
34 cup Japanese Rice Vinegar
1 tablespoon Salt
3 tablespoons Sugar
1  pound Bean Sprouts


Wash and pick the Bean Sprouts carefully and let drain compltely

When ready to prepare, combine the Water Vinegar, Salt and Sugar and cook over alow fire until it come just to the boiling point.

Pakc the Bean Sprouts into a glass jar with a screw top lide, and pour the liquid Mixture over the Bean Sprouts.  Close the lid ightly and let the Mixture cool naturally.

Serve at room temperature or chilled as  an appetizer or a side-dish.  Very clean, freshing taste, very light on the palate.

Kuro no Otabe, Japan's black sweetmeat made with black sesame seeds

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