Boiled Eggs, Japanese Style

Boiling Eggs in 3 Tablespoons of Water
2 Minutes at High Heat

How to make boiled eggs Japanese style in 3 tablespoons of waterThis is one of the Japanese flash-cooking recipes that have been popular since the great Tohoku earthquake of 2011..  The earthquake led to a need to readjust Japan’s power sources, and an impetus to conserve energy.

In that context, Japanese cooks began to look for recipes that involved minimal use of heat in the kitchen, both to reduce heating the kitchen in hot weather and because kitchens were no longer so aggressively cooled by air conditioning, in an effort to save energy.

This is one of the recipes that resulted. Japanese chefs often use a stainless steel skillet with a glass cover, like ones that Martha Stewart has made famous.

You can cook Eggs in just 3 tablespoons of Water, but there are a couple special things you do need to do.

This method works better when each Egg has a small hole in it, actually a tiny pin-hole. There is also a relationship in how long the Eggs have been out of the refrigerator

If the Eggs are no longer very cold, they will require less heat to cook using this method.

Boiled Eggs, Japanese



5 Eggs
3 tablespoons Water


Put the Eggs in a skillet with a tight-fitting cover, preferably glass, with 3 tablespoons Water.  Turn on fire and cook 2 minutes on high heat.

Reduce the flame and cook another 3 minutes at reduced heat.

Turn off the fire and keep covered for 9 minutes more.

Uncover, shell and eat the Eggs.  Total cooking time: 14 minutes, with only 2 minutes at full heat. The Eggs will be fully done, with the Yolks very slightly soft in the center.

There is also in this group of high-speed cooking, an interesting recipe for flash-cooking Roast Beef, which completely cooks the Roast Beef in 3 minutes.

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