Broccoli with Vinegar and Hot Chili Oil / Chinese Fusion

Broccoli in Another Guide
Cooks in Seven Minutes



A Chinese method with a Fusion twist. This is a simple, quick way to prepare Broccoli with a little extra flavor kick.  It’s ready in about 7 minutes cooking time, possibly 10 minutes total.

Brccoli in Vinegar and Hot Chili OIl

Chinese Fuon


1 pound whole roccoli
1 tablespoon Red Wine Vinegar
2 teaspoons Hot Chili Oil, Layu


Trim the Broccoli florets from the tougher sems, which you can keep for anothe purpose.  You should end up with about 3½ – 4 cups total tender parts, cut into bite-sized pieces.

Mix the Vinegar and Chili Oil and set aside.

Steam the Broccoli flores four about 7 minutes in a steamer.  Remove from the steamer and drizzle the Oil and Vinegar mixture over the steamed vegetables and stir to combin well.  Serve at once.


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