Chopsticks and Weight Control Could using chopsticks help control weight or even help lose weight?

Could Using Chopsticks Help You Lose Weight?
The Chopstick Diet – Kimiko Barber’s Discovery

Using chopsticks to lose weight

Chopsticks – a Tool for Weight Management


“I lost two whole dress sizes!” — Kimiko Barber

The concept may have originated with British food writer Kimiko Barber, herself Japanese-born.

While researching a new cookbook, she ate exclusively with chopsticks for several months while researching, kitchen testing and sampling the recipes in her new book.

To her surprise, she also lost 10 kilograms, and this led to a book, The Chopsticks Diet in which she explains the concept. She feels that using chopsticks, taking small bites, savoring each one and eating slowly and can help people reach a feeling of satiety while consuming fewer calories and ultimately losing weight.

The concept may not be completely new, as similar ideas were expounded earlier by Japanese gastroenterologist Professor Shinya and are sometimes echoed on the Japanese science education program Gatten, which airs on NHK.

At any rate, Japanese people, who eat mostly with chopsticks, have a lower rate of obesity than many Western countries, and the style of eating, as well as the actual food consumed, together with other lifestyle factors, could all be related.



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