Fried Vegetables やさい いため

A Recent Japanese Flash-Cooked Dish
Great for Hot Weather
Cooks in Less than Five Minutes

Cooking Asian dishes with cabbage


This is another of the group of flash-cooked dishes that emerged from Japan in the aftermath of the great Tohoku Earthquake of 2011, when cooks were looking for ways to save energy in the kitchen

This dish is good, and it can be gotten ready quickly.  This is a dish that’s useful in hot weather, as it doesn’t involve heating up the kitchen; good for busy people in general.

Fried Vegetables

(Yasai Itame   やさい いため



2 ounces Carrots
2 ounces Green Pimiento
14 ounces White Cabbage
1 tablespoon Vegetable Oil
Salt to taste
4 ounces thinly sliced Pork, such as Pork Loin


First, slice the Vegetables thinly.

Mix the Vegetables together.

Put the thinly sliced Pork in the skillet while it is still cold and then top the Pork with the mixed Vegetables. Cover and cook, covered, on a low flame for 1½ minutes.

Uncover and stir for 20 seconds, counting the seconds while doing this.

Cover the skillet again, and continue to cook for another 10 seconds, counting off the seconds once more as you cook.

Then, turn off the fire and keep the skillet covered for 3 minutes, when it will be ready.  Do not open the skillet cover during this time.  This part is critical.

You need a skillet with a tight-fitting cover, preferably glass,like the famous Martha Stewart line.

Some other flash-cooked dishes developed by Japanese cooks around the same time which use very small amounts of cooking liquids and very short cooking times include recipes for Boiled Eggs, Japanese style and Roast Beef in the Japanese manner.

There’s also a recipe for White Rice cooked quickly in a tightly-fitting skillet with minimum heat.



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