Ghee घी

Clarified Butter
The Best Cooking Fat

Uma consort of Indian god SivaGhee or Clarified Butter, commonly known by its Hindi name Ghee घी, is known by various names in a wide swatch of South Asia and beyond.

Ghee is one of the most important cooking fats in South Asia — India, Pakistan, Sir Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.  In the opinion of many cooks in the area it is the best of all cooking fats.

One Ghee is highly appreciated by cooks, besides its flavor and traditional role in the cooking of the region is that, being clarified or purified, Ghee is free of most of the moisture and impurities in the original Butter used to make it.

As a result, Ghee can be heated to a very high temperature with the result that it is the ideal fat for frying. Food cooked in Ghee will be crisper than when other fats are used, and due to the high temperature, the oil does not seep through into the cooked food.

If correctly made and stored in a cool place, Ghee can be kept up to a year.




2 pounds Butter, best quality


Place the Butter in a very heavy pan and heat until it melts, then heat until just below the simmering point and keep it at the simmering point for at least 1½ – 2 hours, after which it should be allowed to cool a little and poured off into a storage jar through several layers of fine cheesecloth.  Avoid the very bottom of the pan, which will contain the impurities and just use the clear part.

During the lengthy clarifying process, it may be helpful to use an insulated pad under the pot to prevent over-heating.

Indian god Shiva Nataraja



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