Ginger Custard

A Good Dish for a Cold Day
Updated Chawan Mushi

Cooking Asian dishes with fresh ginger


Besides being healthy generally, Ginger has a warming effect. This version of a classic Japanese custard sand-by will be especially welcome in the cold months.

Ginger Custard
Shoga no Chawan Mushi



2 Eggs
1½ Japanese style cups of Dashi stock
2 pinches Salt
1 teaspoon Soy Sauce
1 large finger Ginger, unpeeled, plus additional Ginger, about half a small finger, for garnish


First, whip the Eggs with a pair of chopsticks.

Grate the unpeeled Ginger ina  grater and combine the grated larger finger of Ginger with the eggs, Dashi, Salt and Soy Sauce.  Set aside the smaller amount of grated Ginger for the garnish.

Strain the Egg mixture through a fine sieve.

Ladle the mixture into 2 custard cups with lids.  Japanese Chawan Mushi custard cups are ideal for this.

Put the cups into a container, such as a deep frying pan and fill to the middle of the custard cups with boiling-hot Water.

Cook the custards over a medium flame for 2 minutes.

Then lower the flame and cook on a low flame for another 10 – 15 minutes, or until the Egs are fully set.

When the Eggs are set, they are ready to eat.  Allow them to cool a bit before serving them warm.  Garnish with additional grated Giger on the top of each cup.   This could be from half a teaspoon to a teaspoon of grated Ginger, depending on your p,reference.

This is a warming and delicious dish, but with the magic interaction of the Dashi and Egg, each person ends up eating only a single Egg, yet it is very satisfying without containing a lot of Eggs or cholesterol.


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