Ginger-Miso Dressing

A Grown-Up Taste
Ginger Meets Miso and Carrots

“The carrot has long been a favorite of rabbits and also of mind, provided it is the tender, young vegetable.” — James Beard

Cooking with fresh ginger

Fresh Ginger

Japanese cuisine, too, has a special place for Carrots, shredded in salads and elsewhere,, as does Thai cooking.  Here’s a salad dressing that combines Carrots with Miso and Ginger.

You can find some very nice versions of this Japanese dressing already bottled for sale in Asian and other supermarkets.  It’s also easy to make at home for very low cost and without any chemicals or preservatives.

Ginger-Miso Dressing



1 medium Carrot
1 finger of fresh Ginger, about 2 inches long
¼ cup extra-virgin Olive Oil or other neutral oil, like Grapeseed Oil
¼ cup Rice Vinegar
3 tablespoons mild or sweet Miso, like yellow or white Miso
1 tablespoon dark Sesame Oil

Using miso to prepare Asian dishes


First we scrape and grate the Carrot coarsely.

We peel the Ginger and shred or grate it coarsely.  One of the Japanese or Western kitchen grating gadgets works well for this.

Next, we combine the Olive Oil or other main oil, Vinegar, Miso and Sesame Oil with the grated ingredients in a blender and pulse until the mixture is fairly smooth, about a minute or so.

The dressing is now ready to use.  Total chopping and combining time is about a quarter of an hour and the recipe makes about a cup, probably a little over, depending on the volume of the Carrots and Ginger.  It will keep for several days in the refrigerator, but it’s berst to use it soon and then made another batch!

Cooking Asian dishes with cabbage


In Japan they might serve this with a variety of salads, but finely shredded Cabbage, either white Cabbage or Red Cabbage, or a mixture of the two, works very nicely.

This dressing is a grown-up taste, and the combination of Miso, Carrot and Ginger is what makes it special.  Carrots and Ginger both contribute special health  benefits aswell.  The Sesame Oil adds an additional flavor note.  While this is basically a salad dressing, it can also be used as a sauce for boiled or steamed vegetables or any plain white meat fish.




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