Grenadine Syrup

The Quintessence of Pomegranate
Use for Persephone Cocktails

cooking with pomegranates


Of course Grenadine Syrup — a key ingredient in several classic cocktails including the Persephone — is available commercially in bottles.  But many purists will want make  their own, for its distinctive and unique flavor, which is the embodiment of the Pomegranate.

Grenadine Syrup


5 or 6 fresh Pomegranates
½ pound Sugar
3 tablespoons Vodka


First, peel the Pomegranates by scoring the rind with a knife, as if you were cutting an orange into wedges.  Carefully peel away the rind, leaving the seeds and membranes intact. Carefully remove the white membranes and discard.

Put the seeds in a manual juicer like an orange juicer and press squeeze out the jujice. Strain through a fi9ne sieve.  You should end up with about two cups of juice.

Next, put the Sugar into a sauce pan, add the juice, stir and bring to a simmer for about five minutes.  Let the syrup cool and then taste it and adjust the seasoning, adding more Sugar if you prefer a sweeter syrup.  Stir in the Vodka as a preservative.

Pour into a clean jar and store in the refrigerator. It will keep about a week or it can be frozen for longer storage.  If you add another 3 tablespoons of Vodka, this will extend the storage time in the refrigerator but help keep it from freezing.



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